Guidance & Collaboration Towards a Happier Life 

Sometimes life gets especially hard

We feel “stuck” and think “we should have figured it all out by now.” But we haven’t, and yet we are still trying to manage our everyday stresses. There is a disconnect and it usually shows up on a particular frequency:

  • High Frequency: Worry, irritability, feeling “keyed up”

  • Low Frequency: Disengagement, replaying the same old negative thoughts, fatigue 

  • High & Low: Switching between high and low; or on the brake and gas at the same time

There are a lot of factors that influence our distress. Societal, family, and other influences feed expectations that can leave people feeling confused and/or “less than”. There are a lot of shoulds and little space to figure out; Do I really want what I’m being told will make MY life so great? Do these things actually fit with who I am… my gifts, my crap, my path in this life? Can I achieve all the things?

Psychotherapy can help

I believe psychotherapy can be a safe, open space to unpack all the ideas, judgements, values, and beliefs that you may have taken on and figure out what makes sense for YOU, NOW, in your life. With compassion, honesty, and humor I will listen and help you explore whatever YOU need to; from the most mundane to the biggest life and spiritual questions. We will work together to help you gain insight, develop skills to manage distress, and work through internal blocks to help you feel less stuck and moving towards living a better life.